Wearing transparent latex tights under thin black pantyhose in public & turtleneck top pencil skirt

Hey everybody,
today I would like to do a “fashion-experiment”. You know, latex is often put into a “dark” edge, so what if I combine a transparent latex pantyhose and wear thin black tights above? A true experiment needs audience, so I am wearing this combination of a turtleneck tank top and a pencil skirt in public!
The transparent latex pantyhose underneath really gives my legs a secret glow, only persons with an eagleeye know, what I am really wearing! 🙂

Unfortunately, latex tends to produce little air-bubbles above the skin – with a transparent latex pantyhose they become visible, what I dont like at all. You cant really prevent that. I will try to wear a thicker variant next time, so that they become invisible.

How do you like this combination? I am excited about your comments.

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All in this clip showed brands are from my wardrobe and I dont
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