WAITING THE NEXT LIVE… Wednesday 1 December 9:15 AM

Unfortunately, tomorrow I will have a small operation in the hospital and therefore we will not be able to have our usual direct. If I am well, our live broadcast will be resumed on Wednesday 1 December at 9:15 am.
I would like to talk about a bad event that happened to a sports journalist who was groped live. I fully agree with the many posts that have come out in her defense of her, but unfortunately she has also received bad comments from people who I would not call ignorant but at least STUPID. I particularly agree with the post of the radio RAI host Andrea Delogu in which even with strong words, she emphasizes how a woman should not be judged for how she dresses, even if she feels comfortable in a transparent blouse or a short miniskirt.
We will also talk about this in our next live broadcast.

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