Train To Leeds

Train to Leeds
(Phone rings…)
“…Yes, hello…”
“Is that Miss White? Amanda White?”
“Yes, that’s me.”
“Ah good. Yes, well yes, we see you’ve applied for the position of Personal Assistant to the CEO with us at Regals International and well, we’d like you to come along for a personal interview at our Head Office here in Leeds. I’m sorry it’s a bit last minute but the Board of Directors have their monthly meeting tomorrow and Sir Clive, well he wants to present you before the Board to get their approval.
“Oh dear. That is quite soon.”
“Yes. A little unfortunate but just so you know, all the dozens of applications have been sifted down to just two. There’s just you and one other, but I can tell you now, that photo you sent, well Sir Clive has his eye on you and wants to get you started as soon as possible.”
“Oh dear. And are you alright about my…. Well, my er… gender status. I did highlight the fact on my application and I know that many people would be…”
“Well to put your mind at rest Miss White, let me tell that Sir Clive has personally instructed me… well, let’s put it this way – as he was going through the applications, he said “Crikey Robert! Phew, get this girl in here and get her started.”
“Golly, that’s quite keen isn’t it? What time do you want me over?”
“Late afternoon, about five-thirty should be fine. The Board should have concluded their meeting by then and be considering popping the brandy.”
“Do you wish me to bring anything?”
“No. Just bring yourself. We have your application with all your details. Just wear something appropriately professional. We’ll work everything out tomorrow.”
“Oh dear…”
“Do I take that as a yes then?”
“Yes alright. I’ll be there.”
(Call terminates. Amanda starts to panic…)
On a number of occasions I have considered applying for a secretarial position.
Getting up each day, putting on my makeup then off to the office in a pretty blouse and professional suit. Travelling by train or bus and attending to my given duties in a crowded office… You know, the main reason I have not applied is that… well, dearie me, I know I would be very good at being an office girl and would surely be offered the position!

Train to Leeds
Well you know, its one thing to have the silly idea but often quite an entirely different thing to actually push it through. And golly gosh, my first hurdle was finding someone willing enough to carry out the camerawork for me. Maybe it was a bad idea, but I eventually persuaded someone I hardly knew. Then the original travel arrangements were scrapped on the day due to the chilly weather and the final destination being still closed.
Even before I left home I got so nervous just thinking about the whole thing and what I was planning…. and then I had a girlie melt down. I just couldn’t make my mind up between blouses and last minute changed from a very feminine black and pink see-through spotty Next number with voluminous sleeves into something slightly more professional.

All the previous day I was in such a quandary about what shoes to wear. The idea of travelling by train to another city and then having no alternative whatsoever other than the outfit I was wearing and the shoes I was standing in. Any sensible mind would have arranged some kind of backup in case I chickened out or something went wrong… but I told the cameraman to be little more than a spectator observing me but otherwise leave me on my own…
I’d felt so conspicuous at the station, buying the ticket and making my way onto the train, but sitting in this corner I calmed down and settled into the train journey. It was so nice to watch the lovely countryside rolling past.
The train driver announced that we were shortly to arrive in Leeds and that’s when it hit me. I hardly knew the station or this part of the city. Worse still, the cameraman had told me that he would take two or three videos when we got there but would leave me whilst he went off for half an hour. With one thing and another we had arrived so late and the prospect of visiting the shops out of the question. Leeds station was so busy. People rushing home after work. I looked around for somewhere for coffee but everywhere seemed so full. I decided to stand out of the way in the main concourse until my head stopped spinning. In my high heels with my ankles close together I had little options. Oh and yes I’d just been to the salon for long acrylic nail extensions which further restricted what I was able to do. I prayed that my stockings would not spring out from my suspender clips. So having made it all the way to Leeds I just stood there with people passing by mostly ignoring me but of course with the occasional man looking me up and down with his desiring gaze and the occasional women more than a little jealous. Standing there on Leeds station the half an hour became 45 minutes and I’ve never felt so vulnerable… so on show… or so completely female.
Amanda x
Train to Leeds-2:

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