Shiny tights haul with heels: Wolford Neon 40’s Rock.

In this shiny tights haul I try on 2 pairs of Wolford Neon 40’s with some gorgeous heels and a pretty, purple dress. Yes, in the video I accidentally say Neon 20’s, MY BAD. They are definitely neon 40’s, no doubt about that. Anyway, I fell in love with Wolford Neon 40’s last year and now I’m absolutely obsessed with this hosiery. It’s absolute perfection in my eyes. These shiny tights are the epitome of style, fashion and comfort. I just can’t believe it took me so long to experience this wonderful pair of pantyhose.

My outfit that I threw together today includes a stunning chiffon long sleeved dress in lilac. It has layers and patterns that make this dress flow like the Nile river. It also sports a V neck and a chiffon belt that add some interesting aspect to this dress. My jewelry is a basic silver layered chain, along with my wedding ring I never remove, but on the most part I kept it very simple because I wanted my pantyhose and heels to be the star of the show. I mean with these shiny tights on, how could I not showcase their beautiful glow.

The first pair of Wolford Neon 40’s that I tried on are in the shade LIV, which is a beautiful, natural colour that matched my light skin tone almost perfectly. Shiny tights are always a show stopper, especially if you’re rocking them during the day. There is an almost invisible reinforced toe on this pair of hosiery and the waistband is quite comfortable. Pantyhose that glow are always a fun way to bring life to an outfit. And I bet shiny pantyhose will never go out of style, I know so many of you love them the most. Would you say this is an outfit of the day?

I matched this pair of pantyhose with an open toe heel detailed with crystals and a satin bow, as well as a pair of my Yves St. Laurent platform heels that are so comfortable I could go jogging in them. Which pair do you think looked the best?

My second pair of Wolford tights is in the shade COSMETIC, which is a beautiful sun tan shade that brings an instant glow to your legs and feet. Yeah, it may not be the perfect match for my skin tone but it sure does complete this tights outfit. Again, there is a very subtle reinforced toe along with the waistband that I love so much. I tried on both pairs of heels and couldn’t decide which ones I loved more. Sometimes fashion decisions can be so hard to make. Hopefully this mini fashion show does justice to both Wolford Neon 40 shiny tights and my amazing high heels.

When it comes to nylon hosiery I’m a sucker for something unique, and I am convinced Neon 40’s are one of the most unique pantyhose styles that I have come across in a while. Yes, they are not cheap but that makes for a pair of stunning, durable and comfortable pair of tights, hands down. With a price tag of around $50 USD you do get what you pay for. An amazing quality pair of pantyhose that nothing else can compare to.

When I ordered my nylons I also decided to grab some face masks. Yes, Wolford makes face coverings now and they rock just as much as their pantyhose do. I show you a couple of styles that I picked up and I think you may be just as impressed as I am at the look and the quality of these face masks.

In the end I love to show off my style, my fashion taste and my wonderful outfits complete with pantyhose that glow. Which pair of tights do you think looks better with my outfit, my heels and of course my skin tone?

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