Rainy Day in Burberry Outfit with Burberry Skirt & Umbrella, Wolford lacy top, Heels and Nylons

Hello everybody,
its bad weather in Germany, so I have to take out my Burberry umbrella. In the todays clip, you see me in a beige trenchcoat, laced top in black, Burberry skirt, black FF nylons and Heels.
Oh, did I mention that I am wearing a corset and leather gloves? I think they fit great to this combination.

My Outfit in details:
– Buffalo heels
– Cervin FF Nylons
– Burberry Skirt
– Wolford Lace Top
– Orchard Corset 18inch
– Burberry umbrella
– French Cap
– Zara Trenchcoat
– Racer leather gloves

Hope you like it,





Additional content:



All in this clip showed brands are from my wardrobe and I dont
get any promotional revenues for showing them.

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