Project L: Part 81 – Behind the scenes of a latex photoshoot | Stuck at home

Project L exists to show people that latex can be a part of regular everyday clothing. Sure it’s extraordinary shiny, sure you sweat in it. But as they say, beauty is worth suffering for.

We are attempting to introduce latex to the “regular” people as an option for regular clothing and remove its reputation as erotic-only clothing. Latex can be worn with style and elegance. The project aims to differ from being anyhow erotic.

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See the photoshoot here:

This video is a brief representation of the 81st Project L’s behind the scenes photoshoot, which dives into everyday life of someone stuck inside their apartment with nothing to do but to wear comfy clothes. And perhaps have some tea. Also pet the cat.

This video was recorded with a Canon 1D X Mark III using its 10-bit 4K DCI resolution.

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