OMG! The Three Ladies Fashion Show from Cammile’s Closet episode 69
Hello everyone and how are you doing this weekend? Here in California there are quite a few fires to keep things smokey enough. Our wishes and hopes go out to the families who are affected by these fires.
Today is a VERY special episode with Thalia and Trae. Together we put on a fantastic show showing the new outfits from PLT (Pretty Little Thing), Christian Louboutin, and GianRico heels.
Each of us takes turns showing are amazing outfits. There is a lot of talk and fun in this well edited version of version of Cammile’s Closet!
We hope to see you at the premiere on Sunday at 12 o’clock PST. Remember to get there about 30 minutes early if you’d like to chat with us for awhile before the show! Bye for now!

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