OMG! Another Super Exciting Pair of OnlyMaker High Heels and Short Skirt in the Wind!

Hello everyone, today I have another exciting pair of shoes purchased from OnlyMaker. As you can see there making some pretty cool Stiles nowadays and I am having a lot of fun modeling them. Today’s shoes are a very soft clear PVC high heel with black strap lining. The shoes are extremely comfortable because they are very very soft. The styling is also great And you can see that these heels will go just about with every thing you can wear. Today I am pairing these heels with a beautiful white striped crossover blouse and a beautiful faux leather flared outskirt. The Dank Molly ultra sheer nylons really set my ensemble off. You can see how easily you glide when you walk in these heels. The four and a half inch heel allows your legs to look extremely long no matter what you wear.
Thanks so much for watching!

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