Hard Assignment – 8mm Stag Film

This film is titled, “Hard Assignment” and features a young woman relaxing in her boudoir. She stretches and rolls around on her bed while wearing only her undies. I can confirm, this is pretty much exactly what goes on in every woman’s bedroom! I’m not sure what her assignment was nor could I ascertain the difficulty level of her task, however, I’m sure she performed flawlessly!

This was an 8mm film I got in a box with several other “keyhole films” I bought at a rummage sale. That is the way the lady who was selling them described them. These were early stag films. This film is probably from the 1940’s or early 1950’s. I sent four rolls to get digitized when I was having several reels of my home movies transferred.

The lady I bought these films from described them as “keyhole films” because many of the one reel (50 foot) films started with the camera peeping through the keyhole of a woman’s boudoir. I guess they are more accurately described as “stag films,” although many did not contain nudity (they may have had very sheer clothing). These films were bought through “film clubs” where they would send you a reel every month and you would return a check for 25 or 50 cents.

This film is silent, however, I added the music to fill the audio gap for our future world!! 😉

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