Getting dressed like in the 1950s white Nylons, shapewear, petticoat dottet dress and leather gloves

Hi everybody,
let me take you to a journey through time, so today I am dressing up with a 1950’s evening outfit.

In this video I would also like to give you some background information
about 1950’s fashion and why I love to dress in that style.

You will see me dressing up retro garments, as well as a cute
dress with pettycoat.

I hope you enjoy this one and if you would like to see more
videos of that kind, please let me know.

Outfit consists of:

– Rago 9051 one-piece girdle
– Gio Full Fashionend Nylon Stockings white
– Dress: Unbranded
– Collar: Selfmade, cultured pearls
– Shoes: Buffalo PeepToes
– Hat: Selfmade
– Gloves: original 1950s vintage, second Hand
– Handbag: Etsy
– Hair decoration, comb: Selfmade, original 1950s
– Lace Robe: Hunkemöller
– Pearl Screw Earrings: Original 1950s
– Half Slip: Naturana




Video transkript:

The 1950s illustrate the feminine style in a special way and are
still known as a decade of fashion and vogue.

Right after the end of the world war II seamend nylon stockings became
extremely demanded by women all over the world, especially in the
United States.

Nylon was the first artifical fiber of the world and was invented in the 1930s.

The nylon stockings shown in the video are fully fashioned which means that they
show a reinforced part at the foot area as well as seam on the backside.

As nylon stockings are somewhat delicate to handle, I always wear cotton or microfiber

It is important to put on the gloves before on takes out the stocking out of the package,
so that I dont damage them through my nails or jewellry on my fingers.

When I put on my stockings, I always take care that the seam is located in the middle of my calf,
so that it shows a clean and synchrononous look.

My undergarment consists of a one-piece Rago girdle with 4 suspenders and 100% nylons from the
brand Gio.

One should note that stockings from that time are non-elastic and thus can show little knits on ankle
or knee from time to time, which underlines the retro look even more.

I usually add a half- or fullslip below the top garment, as skirts and dresses did not have – unlike
todays garments – a preinstalled underskirt.
The slip additionally gives a safe and a ladylike feeling and helps to hide the suspenders, which on
some garments, may lay off.

This 1950s outfit seen in the video is a unique creation by myself and I love to wear it for teatime or
to be worn as an evening dress and the petticoat gives me a lot of mobility.

Acessoires has been also very important.
Little hats, belts in an ambient color and hair decoration – especially fine hairstyle made the outfit
look perfect.

The ideal shape in the 1950s meant: A small wasp-waist and a reasonable bust size, coloquially said:
The ideal image of a woman from a male’s point of view; Big breasts, small waist, beautiful hips and
a round bum.

Pettycoats and width skirts intensified that effect.
For that reason, women wear padded bras which raised the bust and let the breasts look bigger.

In addition, bras of that time had an iconic bullet-shaped profile, which often were combined with firm
shapewear, girdles and one-piece shapewear which you see me wearing in this video as well.

To let the waist look even smaller, corsets and waispoies could be combined.

Belts in matching colors were put on to keep the dress in shape.

Important in 1950s outift is that matching or suitable colors are combined in the outfit.
In this example I wear peeptoe high-heels matching to the color of my lips.

Gloves made from thin leather completed the putfit and little handbags could be worn just like
today to keep all the little things a woman could need.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey through time and I would be very happy for a like or a kind



Additional content:


All in this clip showed brands are from my wardrobe and I dont
get any promotional revenues for showing them.

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