Corset Lace – How to encourage your wife / girlfriend to wear corsets. Tightlacing of Anna Bellement

Hi guys,
this video is for all of you who thought about encouraging your loved partner to try out wearing corsets!
This video will give you – besides beautiful views and tightlacing – a lot of infromation about corsets, but will illuminate the topic constantly from a male’s point of view.

Its YOUR wish and obsession to see your darling in corsets, so I give you in this clip the arguments on hand, to convince her to wear a corset and you will learn which positive side effects corset wearing has.

The clip is the first clip of a series about the topic “corsets” and other videos about that will follow in the next weeks.

I hope you enjoy my outfit in this little movie, it consists of:

– Classical shapewear
– Transparent, cream colored blouse
– Wolford pencil skirt
– Kunert “Glatt und Softig 20Den” charcoal pantyhose

– Pearl necklace
– Unisa High heels

Link “Revanche de la Femme”:

Link Orchard Corsets:

Please let me know in the comments section what you think about corsets, if you like them and if you ever have talked with your partner about that!
Have you made the same experiences like I did?

What do you think about tightlacing? Yea or nay?

I am happy to discuss that with you!





Additional content:



All in this clip showed brands are from my wardrobe and I dont
get any promotional revenues for showing them.

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