Chiropractic Adjustment | Pretty Margo | Whole Body Cracking | Lumbodynia

The lovely Margot came to see me. I found pains in her sciatic nerve projection and diagnosed ischalgia. The girl also suffered from lumbodynia. We gave her a session of medical massage and chiropractic back adjustment. Medical video and intended to represent my skills in the field of massage and chiropractic!

Friends, we decided to shoot video art content! I think chiropractic adjustment and massage can be shown in the form of an interesting music video. This is our first attempt, so I ask you to support the video with likes and write how you like this content?

Our channel you will see entertaining content in the field of massage and manual therapy. Please do not repeat such manipulations yourself!

The chiropractor will cracking the bones of the whole body …
My name is Vitaly Kazakevich. I am a chiropractor, physiotherapist. In this video, I will demonstrate the unique techniques of massage, osteopathy and chiropractic. You will hear very steep crunches of the spine and joints. Please subscribe, click on the bell and be sure to leave a comment with a like! Thank you!

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