Bhad Bhabie-Watchu Know (Lyrics)

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Whatchu know about it?
Whatchu know- whatchu know about it?
Whatchu know-

Whatchu know about it?
(foreign cars)Whatchu know about it?
(all this money)Whatchu know about it?
(trap house)Whatchu know about it?
You don’t know about it
(Cuban link)You don’t know about it
(tiger mink)Whatchu know about it?
(all this money)Whatchu know about it?

I don’t need no receiptsI see it,
I own it, I play for keeps
Don’t tell me the price, don’t matter to me
What I spend in a day, you make in a week
They keep going up like a money treeShop in these deals like a money spree
Can’t give you the gang, gotta charge a feeQueen of rack city, give me the key
I be like ”Send me the addy”
Hop out the Porsche with a baddie
Got a nice face and a fattie
Do what I say like I’m daddy
Been out here killin’ em
Yeah, this chain cost ’bout a millionTold y’all make me ’bout a billion
Yeah, we see who outchea, really am
Look, I don’t got no curb, I got mileageI’m always on the jet like a pilot (you can’t afford this life)
Ace of diamonds move, yeah, I’m throwin’
Money fallin’ to the floor like it’s snowin’

Whatchu know about it? (foreign cars)
Whatchu know about it? (all this money)
Whatchu know about it? (trap house)
Whatchu know about it?You don’t know about it (Cuban link)
You don’t know about it (tiger mink)
Whatchu know about it?
Whatchu know about it? (you don’t know shit!)

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