A teacher’s choice – An unusual Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose review

Hi there,
sometimes I am teaching students/trainees of the company mostly in economics and as this can be very a very “dry” stuff to learn, it is definately a target to wake up the trainees from their daydreams.
One of the best tools for achieving this goal are the Wolforn Neon 40, here seen in the color “cosmetic” – surely one of the best pantyhose ever made when it comes to awesome look, durability and comfort. If you are able not to look after the price, these are definately the teacher’s choice!
So let me welcome you to this unusual Wolford Neon 40 review.

Hope you like the video, let me know.




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All in this clip showed brands are from my wardrobe and I dont get any promotional revenues for showing them.


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