50s Dress & Stockings

50s Dress & Stockings
The transition from “girl walking in the park” to “photoshoot model” is quite daunting. In fact it’s a major challenge – to say the least. Well come now, it’s hardly “a walk in the park” is it?
Fortunately I have my dear friend with me for encouragement and support. She’s also surprisingly a good camera-girl – but don’t tell her will you!

Well golly, I have to be so courageous to undertake these little silly video shoots. Maybe it looks a little on the easy side but I really do have to be quite brave, I can tell you. You see, on one hand I do like all the creative experience, seeing how everything turns out and all that. But on the other hand, inside I’m all trembling and nervous, thinking everybody is watching me.

There seems to be these two distinct sides – the one, being the model and the other being the director pushing the model to the limit. So I’m there sort of testing and pushing myself to the limit, yet so jittery, trying so hard to not let it show. I dare myself to attempt something so I can see how it looks afterwards. I’m certainly not trying to appear smutty or indecent – just innocent and very girlie. But if I don’t try, well I can never know how it looks afterwards.

But I have to say that being so very much in the limelight in this moment and so completely on show is quite the challenge. There’s a big difference between being the appropriately dressed girl – just like any other girl, and being the “50s starlet” in public, in front of the camera. Brashness, boldness, bravado don’t play any part in these theatrics. That’s not what’s required here. Dearie me – not at all. The extra ingredient can only be added simple girlie femininity.

I can imagine people saying “Yes, well she’s just an exhibitionist, isn’t she.” Well, quite the opposite actually, and I don’t really know how I do it to be honest. But, other than the presence of my lovely camera-girl who quietly sits behind the lens monitoring the shoot, I have some confidence from all the other videos I have taken over the years. Otherwise, with my brief satin panties, lacy suspenders, seamed stockings and bright red dress with full petticoat, I’m very much out on my own and there’s just no hiding is there? I’m sort of battling internally trying my best to turn around an acceptable performance, yet slightly panicking, desperately hoping I don’t turn a corner and run smack into a group of men, young lads or worst.

Dare I brave it…? Yes I must for the shoot. I sit down on this bench in the park, right in the open and carefully re-adjust my stockings right up to my upper thigh. I’m desperately trying to hide my nervousness but now you can see and appreciate the full extent of my gorgeous outfit. Its true 50s style and I feel so blissful wearing it. I’m trying to appear calm and smile sweetly but now I can feel eyes across the park watching me. It’s making me tremble.

On the other hand it certainly confirms my femininity which is so pleasing for me – nobody in the park even vaguely questions my gender. I’m just seen as female – which is exactly per my choosing! 🙂

We took so much lovely footage, would you care for a second part…

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